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VICTORINOX Altimeter Plus Knife Knives Review

VICTORINOX  Altimeter Plus Knife

Next time you find yourself cutting away branches with the wood saw conveniently extended from your Victorinox Altimeter Plus Knife, just take a look at the side. That little digital screen displays your elevation and outside temperature, so the story of your 'brush with death' spilled out to the locals over a few cold ones will be even more dramatic. 'I wasn't just lost down by the crick either I was 9000 feet up in them there cold-ass mountains with just my wits and my Victorinox Altimeter Plus knife, which I like to call my little life-saver.' Don't forget to embellish the part where you had to remove a piece of your finger with the skizzorsyour audience doesn't need to know it was just a hangnail.

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