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Marmot Exum Jacket - Men's Men's Technical Shells Review

Marmot Exum Jacket - Men's

When dark clouds loom and ridgeline winds howl, you'll be glad you're wearing the Marmot Exum Jacket. With Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer fabric and Gale Force hood, the Exum Jacket provides a bombproof storm fortress that stands up to the nastiest weather. The Exum's active fit leaves room for a layering while Angel Wing sleeve design grants full range of motion without the climbing hem, bare-belly side-effect. The Exum's 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro grants the highest performing weather protection in the industry, so you know you'll stay dry no matter how wet the snow or heavy the rain. The hood's laminated wire-brim visor keeps annoying rain or snow out of your face, and the front pockets are placed perfectly for easy-access while wearing a pack. Plus, the light-on-logo aesthetic keeps things nice and simple.

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