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Tecnica Rival X7 Ultrafit Boots - Women's Ladies Review

Tecnica Rival X7 Ultrafit Boots - Women's

Performance-enhancing features are integrated with the comfort and convenience of Ultrafit and a ski/walk device to take skier to the next level.. Liner is engineered for a woman's foot with a higher, narrower heel, prominent instep, greater adjustability in calf area and more room in toe box. Ultrafit System allows the padding of the boot liner to adapt to each skier's anatomy for a custom boot fit for each foot. Endoframe structure inside the shell consists of a rigid material that allows better transmission of energy and provides a frame to hold the foot. Softer material used around the Endoframe is thinner, keeping the boot lighter and allowing a progressive, even flex. Cutthroat flex design allows independent closure of the shell and the cuff so putting the boot on and taking it off are easy. Reactive Flex System provides adjustable flex and rebound in the shell, letting skier set stiffness of boot depending on ski style and conditions. Easy-to-use ski/walk mechanism makes getting from the car to the lift a little easier. Rubber inserts injected into the heel zone reduce vibrations increasing comfort and performance while reducing fatigue. Low-profile buckles are made of anodized extruded aluminum for optimum strength and lightness.

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