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Fischer DRS 100 W All Mountain Review

Fischer DRS 100 W

Entry-level through intermediates will appreciate the light weight and easy control benefits of this value priced ski. The DRS 100 W features Fischer's Balanced Flex to optimize women's performance for your weight and power. Suggested Retail: $4 Plasma Edge: This design process, exclusive to Fischer, produces edges which are 50% harder than conventional edges. Fischer focuses an Argon gas beam at the edge and heats it. As it cools, the resulting metal edges are unbelievably strong and durable. Plasma Edges allow you to ski 5 times longer before having to sharpen your edges again. Powerline PDT: Power is directed along the central axis of the ski for quick response and a smoother, more stable ride on varied terrain and snow conditions. You'll find this construction in Fischer's Alltrax, Performance, and the new short-length concept skis (Worldcup SC and Ice Pro). Balanced Flex: All of Fischer's women's skis feature Balanced Flex. This flex combined with a modified mounting point optimizes control and maneuverability of the women's specific models. You'll find Balanced Flex on the Freeride 68 W, 102 Ice W, 102 W, and the DRS 100 W.
Picture and Description for Model Year:
Radius and sidecut: 22 100-65-87 Length: 148, 158, 168 178

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