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Igneous Orion Racing Review

Igneous Orion

Flex Pattern: Round Condition: New Price: $600 Dimensions: Surface Area- the maximum amount of running surface in contact with the snow Effects: More Surface Area: Greater floatation Stability on smooth surfaces Stick big air Less Surface Area: Quick rollover - edge to edge Stability in mixed conditions More face shots Sidecut- The curve forming the edge of the running surface is referred to as the sidecut of the ski. The sidecut is often expressed in dimensions of millimeters (mm). This number is equal to half the maximum distance showing when two skis are held sidewall to sidewall. Effects: More Sidecut: Ski turns for you Less Sidecut: More effort required to turn ski Turn Radius- The turn radius describes the size of the arc carved as the ski is rolled over without applied pressure. Expressed in meters (m), this radius increases with the ski's length.
Picture and Description for Model Year:
Length: 185 cm Sidecut: 106-72-94 (mm) Stiffness: 240

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