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Morrow Focus 2001 Older Freeride Review

Morrow Focus 2001

What’s new for Morrow in 2002’? Everything but the names of the board models. Morrow is still the leader in Composite Technology, and now have taken things a step further with the introduction of the TRUETECH Core. The TRUETECH Core is a full-length wood core with composite Torque Rods and torsion box construction. That’s right, Wood Cores. Years ago Morrow said “we never wood” but did because snowboarders have demanded it. And we’ve responded on our own terms, bringing our proven composite technology, torsion box construction, and torque rods to the design table.

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Product Specs
Sizes: 147 | 153 | 158 | 163
Product Year
Jan 1 2001

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