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Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Beacon Avalanche Beacons Review

Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Beacon

The Backcountry Access Tracker DTS avalanche beacon can greatly reduce the amount of time spent pinpointing, probing, and digging during an avalanche rescue. For 2005, the easiest beacon to use just got easier. In 1997, the Tracker DTS revolutionized the transceiver market by introducing digital, dual antenna technology. Since then, it has become the world's best-selling transceiver. With directional lighting and digital distance readings, the guesswork of finding buried victims is eliminated. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BCA, the Tracker is outfitted with a new strap that's as easy to use as the beacon itself. A series of improvements make the Tracker even more bombproof than before. As proof, it now comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Practice with your beacon often to keep you and your backcountry partners as safe as possible.
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