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Whether this is your first time camping or you've been trail blazing since you were knee high to a grasshopper, there's always something new to learn.

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How do you prevent and treat blisters?

All about duct tape...


A Guide to Layering
Stay comfortable and dry during any outdoor adventure with this guide to fabric technology and layering techniques.

 Winter Camping 101
Here it is! Everything you need to prepare for your first winter camping excursion.

Camping Checklist
Whether you're hitting the trail for a couple of days or several weeks, you need to pack right. Here's a list of everything you need for a successful outdoor excursion.

RICE: The Best Treatment For Your Injuries
If you climb or hike enough, sooner or later you're going to fall. Here's how to assess and treat your hard-earned injury.

Adventure Travel Checklist
Whether you're heading into the wilderness or backpacking from hostel to guesthouse, you won't want to leave home without these essentials.

Buying Guides  

If you're entrusting your life with a piece of equipment, seeking advice from experts isn't such a bad idea.

How To Buy Hiking and Mountaineering Boots
Every hiker needs a good boot. If you are planning to venture off the beaten path, tackle extreme conditions, or just spend the day hiking local trails, there's a boot to fit your style of adventure.

How to Buy a GPS
Do you ever wonder, "Where in the world am I?" A Global Positioning System (GPS) may be able to help answer that question.

How to Buy a Water Filter
With a quality water filter, you'll zap backcountry micro-cooties before they can cramp your style.

A Buyer's Guide to Tents
If you love sleeping outdoors beneath the sky, but want protection from creatures and the cold, a tent is a must.