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SIA 2001

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2600 Pringle Rd SE
Salem , OR
Tel: 503.315.1171
there was a time you could put a pretty picture on a twig and sell it to some poor fool as a snowboard. many did just that.. Mean while back at the ranch, rob was punk enough to keep fucking around under the hood trying to fix things no one even knew where broken. no one ever accused him of being a

Featured Product: Travel Pack
Travel Pack

bag lady local # 242's "bag of choice" for 2001

- optimized size for carry-on luggage, can be carried with haul handle, padded shoulder strap, or hidden padded pack straps
-large easy to load storage for a few days of travel and riding gear
-removable cd pocket, exterior ticket pocket with ID card holder, and large pleated side pockets for organization
-neoprene stretch material allows you to really pack it in.
-pull out changing mat allows you to keep your



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