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SIA 2001
Check out the booths which are currently open. The information here is updated daily.

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Welcome to the SIA 2001 Virtual Trade Show.
SIA is the largest ski and snowboard tradeshow in the world. For five days, buyers, sellers, and just about everyone else in the business (or want to get into the biz), get together in Vegas to buy, sell, and party. So here is the sneak peak of what you might find at your local shop next season and some of the people that make it happen.
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Tradeshow Highlights

Don't miss these highlights from this year's TradeShow.

Jan 1 2001
Jan 1 2001
Boa Lacing system
Jan 1 2001
Tina Basich Pro Model
Jan 1 2001
Dial Back
Jan 1 2001
Team Freestyle Boot
Jan 1 2001
Triad Regulator Goggle